The Breath of Undeath

by Cannibalingus

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Recording finished on 6/6/6 for this thrash metal album with black overtones. The first full length album finally available and remastered. Tuning Eb.

Influences: Bathory, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Metallica, Ministry, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Immortal, Carnivore, Iron Maiden, White Zombie, Cirith Ungol, Powermad,


released June 6, 2006

All music by Barend Nieuwstraten III
Recorded 2006 at Oubliette 7
[remastered 2011]
Produced by Barium Neurosis



all rights reserved


Bent Helical Records Sydney, Australia

an independent label and umbrella title for all projects by (or involving) Barend Nieuwstraten III recorded at Oubliette Studio.

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Track Name: Pridewar
Empty the lands for his lord
On to the great battlefield
One word from you and its on
A great war for nothing more
Than a bruising of your pride
We're glad to die for his grace
We lay down our lives just to
Put a smile on your royal face

Take a life for a life...
not a whole fucking war
Break a word for a broken word...
Not a village for a sore

The one sword
That should attack
Sits sheathed
And holding back
While men
Fall in vain
The same...


Show faith and trust in your king
A small price to pay your liege
Show you're loyal and do these things
Take your place in history
Track Name: Netherworld
Open the gate
To the other side
Where we await
Our new life...

From every keep
In the Netherworld
We come to reap

Watch your life
Slowly rust
Turn your world
Into dust
Darkness falls
Spread the word
Thralldom awaits
Your pathetic herd

Fall to your knees
Open your eyes
If you can't please
You will die...

The dead will walk
To keep you in line
More work less talk


From every keep
In the Netherworld
We come to reap

Track Name: The Snow Crow
A bastard born to a king now dead
But I travel with a different ghost
I swore to the old gods
To keep the watch until I fall
I traveled north of north
with a man with half a hand
To the land of wildlings
to find the king beyond the wall

My only friends are a craven and a dwarf
One I left behind and with the other we're at war
But soon they'll think I broke my oath
'cause the one who new my secret fell to long claw

walk with the northmen
a minstrel king and a bone armored freak
colder than my winter home
where giants walk and mammoths wreak
all alone and living a lie
a wolf in black and a wolf in white
false turncloak for the greater good
but will it matter when the others come in the night


(fist verse)
Track Name: Death From Above
Flying through the clouds looking down
Peasants making bread and hanging clothes
Time to spray some fire on the ground
Now its burning rags and blackened toast

That's all it takes...
So they'll remember...
Who owns this place...
With every burning ember...

A shadow in the clouds
Hmmm... too big to be a dove
Bad news, village
It's death from above!

Think I'll land and take a closer look...

I see all of you and you're right to hide
I own all of you so cower in the ashes
I can't help but strut around because you believe
That my scales are stone with iron eye lashes
I'll see you burn to death before I let you forget
I am the king of the jungle, planes, desert, and sky
There's no beast greater or hero stronger
And anyone who dare challenge you know I'll fry
(Repeat faster)

don't get too comfortable while I'm gone
I may not be so far or flying too high
So carry on with you're lives if you must
But while you toil away keep an eye on sky!
Track Name: The Flesh Feeders
Break your mind
They try
To enslave you and I
Forced to bleed
They feed
On your soul and your need

I hide in poverty to keep my mind my own and only
They chase us down to crush our hopes and dreams and ingest our souls
They eat our flesh and drink our blood and drain us till we cave in
I want my life and dreams to stay untainted and protected

(I could not be there in time to prevent the great disaster)

Take your life
They might
They will if you fall right
Prey to them
Eat chem.
So you'll forget why and when

I feel their sick caress polluting my mind with temptation
I found an open door that leads from one pain to another
Their lies and shallow offers hypnotize and leave us hollow
I fear rebellion is beyond our reach because of their hold

Take you time
It's fine
They drink your thoughts like wine
Breath unease
Take heed
There is no release

People gather in masses to be fed by those that eat them
I try to stop the madness but the people defend their loss
I am alone because the others embrace their own slavery
I must hide until the next wave draws closer to the slaughter
Track Name: Necrocide
They chase the living
Pushing our enemies back
But then come the paladins
To break the attack
Where do you get off
Banishing my undead
Who died and made you god?
I'm the one who brings back the dead

Here they come
All donned in white
Holy swords in hand
Oh what a sight
Well let them come
Guided by their holy light
So when they fall
I can raise them and make them fight

I don't care
Who you were
Once you die
You'll walk once more
If you came
By land or sea
In the end
You will fight for me

So send your wardens
And send your priests
They're just what I need
For my army of deceased
And when you're invasion ends
Because you've run out of men
Better put the kettle on
'cause I'll be coming over then

Track Name: Rampage
I'm crossing fords and fields
I'm cutting through night and day
I'll bring down mountains and break through walls
Just to bring my steel to your face

I am the orphan you never found
Your cold heart made my blood boil
I am the tree grown from salted earth
Your doom birthed of infertile soil

I will find you

Will cleave...
Your world...
In two...
Will burn...
The earth...
In search of you!

Run now -- I will catch you
Hide now -- I will find you
Fly now -- I will shoot you down
And put you IN THE GROUND

I'm burning homes and farms
I'll cull your livestock and your men
I'm drowning knights and guards
I'll destroy your keep and then...

I'll break your door right down
And soak your head in burning oil
And dash your head on cobbled stone
And run you through with your own foil

Track Name: Xemu Lives!
Fall down
The volcano waits
The volcano thaws
Taste the lava now
All gone
The prison's vacant now

Winds will cleanse your souls
Now there's
Much more room to breath
Now take my advice
Find a
Cinema close to you

Watch movies about god and feel down
Implanting in 3-D to brain fuse
Your only chance is to find a group
With quizzes, sci-fi books, and tom cruise

pay up
to live thetan free
smile to
find something to smile about
live life
and overpopulate
Forgot to not get out

So you
Best think happy thoughts
I'm back
Escaped my mountain cell
See you
In a month or two
I will
Make earth a living hell